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Over the last 5 years I have participated in the “Century for the Cure” fundraising event, peddling at each event 100 miles towards a cure for cancer.  To date, I have proudly raised $17,680, with ALL funds going to research at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey. 

Over the years I have received numerous compliments by participating in this worthy cause.  Most individuals are impressed by the amount of money raised, the miles ridden and my persistence to ask others to extend their generosity.  So have I done enought?  Quite simply the answer is NO! The sad fact is cancer never “takes a break”!  I know this all too well, as a dear family member’s cancer has recently returned. 

Take a break?  Not this year!  I still have far more fight in me to give to this cause!

The power we have together far outweighs what I can do alone.  Through aching muscles on my part and gracious generosity on yours, I ask of you to click on the link "support me" above to make a positive impact in the lives of all those affected by cancer.  Any donation amount is welcomed, and of course, is fully tax deductible.

Amazingly, the odds of receiving a cancer diagnosis sometime in your life are 1 in 3!  That's far too high... let’s all work together to make that 1 in a million!  We are all in this fight together and I believe only through research can we expect to win this battle. 



Click to learn more about research funded by The Century for the Cure:

Century for the Cure homepage

The Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey


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